How do I get more sales?

The drivers who earn the most money are the ones who engage with passengers most. Even mentioning you have Cargo in your car and asking passengers if they need anything can increase your sales. It’s also important to keep your Cargo unit fully stocked and neat - drivers that have messy boxes or don’t keep their boxes fully stocked tend to get far lower sales. Make sure you keep the box on your center console lid. 

How do passengers pay?

Passengers order products and check out on a mobile website using their phones. When a passenger makes an order, you'll get a text message telling you what products to hand back to them. 

When Should I give passengers their products?

Only drivers should open the box to take out products. Passengers should be given the items they ordered through the Cargo website. Make sure to hand products back when your car is stopped and pulled over, such as when you drop off your passenger. Please drive carefully!