how do I earn money?

Cargo pays you a 25% commission on each paid sale you make, plus a $1 base commission for every passenger that orders from your Cargo box. That means you get paid even when passengers order free samples and earn even more when they buy items! 

On top of sales commissions, you can also earn bonuses for selling or sampling a certain number of items each calendar week or month. 

Each week you can earn one of these bonuses:

  • $5 bonus for 5 items/wk
  • $10 bonus for 10 items/wk

Each month you can earn one of these bonuses:

  • $5 bonus for 10 items/mo
  • $10 bonus for 20 items/mo
  • $20 bonus for 40 items/mo
  • $50 bonus for 100 items/mo

And those are just our standard weekly and monthly bonuses! You'll also get regular offers to earn more bonuses and prizes as a Cargo driver. 

Cargo also offers in-app tipping and $20 referral bonuses, and our top drivers earn up to $300/month.

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how do i get paid?

After getting Cargo setup in your car, please log in to your Cargo account and enter your bank account information in the Enter Payout Details section. We will pay you via direct deposit twice a month.

I wasn't paid the right amount

Send us an email at and we will check into your sales and make sure you were paid correctly or fix the payment.