What is cargo?

Cargo helps rideshare drivers earn extra money and higher ratings while they drive by providing complimentary and premium products to their passengers. Products include snacks, phone chargers, Advil, energy, and beauty products that keep your passengers comfortable throughout the day. 

How much can i earn?

Drivers earn money for every product they distribute, plus cash bonuses when they hit sale goals. The average Cargo driver earns $100-150 per month, and our top drivers earn over $300 per month. 

does this cost money?

No! Cargo is free for drivers, forever. We supply you with products up front and ship product replenishments directly to your home, before you run out of goods. 

HoW do i get started?

Apply here. Once your application is accepted, we ship a pre-packed Cargo unit to your home along with everything else you need to get started. Setup takes 3 minutes, so you'll be ready to start earning extra money the day you receive Cargo!