What is cargo?

Cargo helps rideshare drivers earn extra money and higher ratings while they drive by providing products to passengers on-the-go. Products range from snacks, to electronics, to health and beauty products, and some of the products are free for passengers. 

How much can i earn?

Drivers are paid a 30% commission on products sold from their box plus a bonus for every passenger they drive. Drivers in New York typically earn $1000+ extra per year with Cargo. 

does this cost money?

No - Cargo is free for drivers, forever. We supply you with products up front and provide resupplies whenever you run out.

HoW do i get started?

Apply here. Once you've received a spot in Cargo, we ship a pre-stocked Cargo unit to your home along with everything else you need to get started. Setup takes 5 minutes and you'll be ready to start earning extra money the day you receive Cargo!